Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to the most common questions we get asked. If you don’t see the answer your looking for below please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

How does an open concept photo booth work?

For some, when they hear the word ‘photo booth’ they picture a small enclosed box that two, maybe three people can fit in. That is not what Luma Booth is all about! Our photo booth is an open concept design that has very few limitations. The setup is minimal and won’t be an eyesore at your event. The camera and screen go into our sleek housing that sits in front of a backdrop. The photo booth is fully self functional, so you just need to grab a prop and show us your goofiest self. Remember it is open concept so everyone can watch and enjoy just as much as you are!

What do we have to do after booking Luma Booth?

One of the greatest parts about booking Luma Booth for your event is that, after an initial discussion, you don’t have to do ANYTHING! We will chat about how we can customize the photo booth for your event, then rest is on us. Don’t worry about any setup or tear down. We will even provide your guest a link that night of the event that they can access their pictures. Rest easy knowing we provide exceptional service that will add hours of entertainment to your event.

How many people can fit into the Luma Booth?

Our open concept design is great for large groups! You can comfortably fit 6-8 people in one shot. We have had up to 10 when people really get creative.

Will there be a booth host present for the event?

Even though Luma Booth is fully self functional once it’s set up, there will be a booth host present for the entire duration of the event ensuring everyone is having an excellent experience. Don’t worry about any technical difficulties, our booth host is there to take care of everything.

How do we get the photos?

Every photo (four consecutive shots) taken in Lumabooth will print out two 4×6” high quality for your guests to take home that night! We can design the layout of the print to match your event or brand. Not only do we give the print outs right away, we will also hand out cards with a predetermined link for your guests to access the photos within 24 hours of your event. No need to spend hours sharing the link and forwarding emails! We got you.

What kind of props and backdrops are included in the rental?

What makes Luma Booth’s photos so nice is our high quality props and backdrops. We don’t settle for paper and popsicle sticks. We have a variety of props ranging from chalkboard speech bubbles to feathered boas. Luma Booth will transform anyone into a whole new person! Rock star, Fashion diva, clown? Grab a wig, pair of glasses, a guitar, and make sure to smile! Our shiny, royal, looking backdrops will make anyone look like a Star!

How can we customize our Luma Booth experience?

We want Luma booth to be one aspect that adds to your event to make the evening perfect! In order to do that our team takes the time to chat with you to customize your Luma booth experience. Select different backdrop colours from our wide range of selection. Send us  

How much space is required for the photo booth?

The booth takes up about a 10′ x 10′ footprint. While it can fit into fairly tight spaces, we recommend having some extra space around the booth…it can get pretty crowded!